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" ......I was in prison and you came to visit me".

 Matt 25:36 (NIV)


Prison Testimonies

Be encouraged as you read how God has been using us to minister His Word in prisons


Baptisms in Prison

Kingdom Keys has really made an impact here, several of the guys have been baptised since the course (12 week Foundational Truths) finished and we’ve seen a real difference in them. Thank you so much for coming.

Anne McLean, Chaplain HMP Kilmarnock


You Taught us How to Learn

You have taught us even more than what the Bible says, you’ve taught us guys how to learn. Most of us have never sat still long enough to learn anything in our whole lives!



Come Back Soon

This is to thank you and the team for last weekend (The Battle of the Mind Conference). It was much appreciated. I have had some very positive comments from those who attended, a number are already asking when you are coming back!

Rev Bill Cave, Chaplain, HMP The Verne


Abuse Forgiven

My cell-mate had been praying for me for some weeks and invited me to the week-end conference. I’ve been an addict for many years - but heard about forgiveness and letting go of the past during one of the sessions. I made a decision to forgive my dad, who abused me as a child. I tried many times before but this time I understood what I needed to do. After that I was able to give my life to the Lord. I felt an instant release.



Who Am I?

Wow, where do I begin? In prison searching my past, struggling to find the real me, question after question – seeking God’s Word, praying, then suddenly there is an answer, one that came sharper than a sword.

Who Am I? (This was the first of five teaching sessions). As the Word was being illustrated, tears and a feeling of finding my identity came to my point of realisation. I am a new creation, a child of God!

Thank God that the Holy Spirit brought me back to the "heart of worship".

Thanks to the team of the Kingdom Keys ministry that has assisted me to turn my life around and forgive myself, and others, while I am still in prison, hence assisting me to find WHO I REALLY AM! Thanks a lot.




I was a very angry and messed up person didn’t know how anyone could love me so I just pushed everyone away. I grew up in a dysfunctional home and was emotionally and physically abused. I am in prison for attempting to murder my ex-wife because of mistrust. Thank God I met Jesus, who has forgiven me (so has my ex- wife) and now I am able to accept myself and forgive other people. Your seminar on forgiveness was very helpful Keep up the good work!