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Kingdom Keys exists to deliver Bible teaching in a clear, simple and practical way.




The Foundational Truths Course, originally called the Foundations course was the first course to be written. It has undergone several revisions over the years.


About Us 

Kingdom Keys began in 1993 co-founded by Yvonne Wood, who still leads the ministry with the help of a small team.


'I am passionate about teaching the truth of God's Word in a clear, simple and practical way.'  I believe that signs follow the teaching of the Word and as a result we have been privileged to see many peoples’ lives change as they begin to apply Biblical principles for themselves'.


Kingdom Keys is a multi-cultural non-denominational group from different churches and we welcome everyone who wants to learn more about being a disciple of Jesus Christ.


We regularly deliver discipleship training courses and seminars in East London, Essex and in other parts of the UK, to churches and in prisons.








We regularly deliver short courses and seminars in churches and prisons.