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Kingdom Keys has been delivering free seminars and short courses in prisons throughout the UK since 2008


On invitation we will bring a small team for a day, a weekend conference or weekly for a short course.


We can also provide dvd courses and courses by correspondence


Our seminars and courses offer Bible based teaching with an opportunity for discussion in small groups


Based on Biblical principles, our uncompromised teaching is designed to challenge thinking, attitudes and behaviour


All of our courses have optional homework assignments



The Kingdom Keys Course is brllliant, it helped me understand who I was as a Christian

(Prisoner HMP The Verne)


The Course had a big impact on my life, it was easy to understand, well put together and straightforward

(Prisoner HMP The Verne)


The Course was Truth that set me spiritually free, I am so glad I did it

(Prisoner HMP The Verne)