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Released Programme


We meet many people in prison who genuinely want to change, some meet Jesus for the first time and others return from backsliding. For those who have a good support system around them when they complete their sentence, life may not be too difficult, for others it is almost impossible – no job, old friends, old temptations.


Recently a young offender just out of prison called us for help and said "I thought it would be easier now I’m a Christian but I can’t cope, I want to go back to prison". Hard to imagine but sadly this is the plight of many ex-offenders.

There are many intervention programmes, however most deal with the shoots and not the roots. RELEASED will tackle the root causes that result in offending behaviour.


RELEASED is designed to work in partnership with other agencies to provide support and practical help on a regular basis in the East London / Essex area.

Please contact us with referrals or for more information. If you would like to support us financially  Donate here.